Prof. Dr. Ahmed T. Hadidi


Professor of Paediatric Surgery and Plastic Surgery,
Heidelberg/Mannheim University, Germany and Cairo University, Egypt.

M.B., B. Ch.:                                    Cairo University 1981 (Very good with honour)

U.S.M.L.E.:                                        Parts I, II: U.S.A. 1995

FRCS (Eng.):                                   Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England

M. Sc. (General Surgery):             Cairo University 1985 (Very good)

D.P.S (Pediatric Surgery):            London University 1990 (U.K)

M.D. (Ph.D., Surgery):                   Cairo University 1993


       1 -   Hypospadias surgery
       2 -   Hirschsprung's Disease
       3 -   Pediatric Plastic surgery
       4 -   Neonatal Surgery
       5 -   Esophageal surgery


Microsurgery course: Canniesburn Hospital, Glasgow 1990

Flap course: Canniesburn Hospital, Glasgow 1991

Laparoscopic course: Royal Infirmary Hosp., Edinburgh 1991

Intensive Care Course for Paediatric Surgeons: San Diego, 1996

Ultra Sound Course for Paediatric Surgeons: Cairo, 1997

Hospital administration, American University in Cairo, 1997

Improving Medical Performance Course: American Uni., Cairo, 1998

Experimental Diaphragmatic Hernia course, Rotterdam, Holland, 1999

Experimental oesophageal Surgery Course, Liverpool, U.K. 1999

Laparoscopic Course for Paediatric Surgeons. Leeds, U.K., 1999

Laparoscopic course in Urology, Tuttlingen, Germany, 2003

Scientific Associations and Societies:

Member of Board (overseas representative) of the British Association of Paediatric Surgeons (BAPS).

Member of Executive Board of the Egyptian Paediatric Surgical Association (EPSA).

Secretary General of the Pan African Paediatric Surgical Association (PAPSA).

Secretary General of the Mediterranean Association of Paediatric Surgeons (MAPS).

Chairman of overseas committee of the European Association of Paediatric Surgeons (EUPSA).


A New Device for Foecal incontinence.
     Registered in United Kingdom in 1989
     Registered in Egypt in 1995


Winner of the "
Pulvertaft Prize" of the British Society for Surgery of the Hand.


Winner of the "
Hassan Hamdy Prize" of Cairo University for medical sciences.

Since 2004


"Hypospadias Surgery, An illustrated guide"
By Springer Verlag, Germany, 2004

This is the first international book on hypospdias surgery. It highlights current philosophy and different principles of hypospadias repair. The aim of the book is to help interested surgeons to develop vision and talent rather than just enumerate techniques. It is well illustrated with over 465 coloured diagrams and photographs of various operations. In the book, a team of world class authors from 5 continents present an expert overview on the management of this common but troublesome disease.


Benha children's hospital was established in Benha, Egypt in 1996 to help upgrade medical & surgical care of children in the Nile Delta under the supervision of Prof. Hadidi. Today, it is a tertiary referral centre for children from all over Egypt and is ranked as one of the top 4 Pediatric Surgical centres in Egypt.

The hospital has organized 3 international congresses and workshops with participants from all over the world. There are more that 3000 operations performed every year including 30 esophageal atresias, 20 diaphragmatic hernias, 40 - 50 Hirschprung's disease and 100 - 120 hypospadias repair every year.

The hospital is famous for its specialized centres for Hypospadias Repair, Hirschsprung's disease and Cleft Lip & Palate and esophageal surgery.
It is a well established centre for training of pediatric surgeons in training and has accommodated several young doctors from Italy, Germany and Greece to gain experience in Hypospadias surgery and Hirschsprung's disease.

Visiting Professor: - Michigan University Ann Arbor, U.S.A. 1996
- Vanderbilt University, Kentucky, U.S.A. 1996
- Graz University, Austria, 2002: Giving lecture of the year 2002 and   demonstrations on new techniques in hypospadias surgery.
- Cologne University, Germany, 2003
Guest Lecturer: - 2nd Congress of MAPS, Italy, 1998
- Experimental Research Society, Liverpool, U.K.,1999
- 3rd Congress of MAPS, Greece, 2000
- 4th Congress of MAPS, Turkey, 2002
- Hypospadias workshop, Istanbul, 2003
- International Symposium on Hirschsprung's disease, Genoa, Italy,
  April, 2004.
- International Congress of Spanish speaking countries, Madrid, May, 2004.
- Scottish Symposium, Glasgow, Scotland, September, 2004.
- 5th International Congress of Mediterranean Association of Pediatric
  Surgeons (MAPS), Marseille, October, 2004.
Invited Lecturer and surgeon: - Hirschsprung's Workshop, Pecs, Hungary, 2002
- Lecture of the year, surgical operations. Graz, Austria, 2002
- Hypospadias Workshop, Vienna, Austria, 2003 (invited to   lecture and operate)
- Hypospadias Workshop, Athens, Greece 2003 (invited to   lecture and operate)
- Hypospadias Workshop, Cairo, Egypt 2004 (invited to   lecture and operate)
- Hypospadias Workshop, Heidelberg, Germany, 2004   (invited to lecture and operate)
- Hypospadias Workshop, Foggia, Italy 2004 (invited to   lecture and operate)
- Hypospadias Workshop, Cape Town, South Africa, February    2005
- Hirschsprung's Workshop, Dubai, United Arab Emirates,   March 2005
- Hypospadias Workshop, Jena, Germany, March 2005
- Hypospadias Workshop, Linz, Austria, March 2005
- Annual International Syrian Congress of Pediatric Surgeons,   Aleppo, April 2005
- Hirschsprung's Workshop, Niemegen Netherlands, May   2005
- International Congress of Pediatric Surgery, São Paulo,   Brazil, June 2005
- Foggia University, Italy, June 2005 (invited to lecture and   operate)
- Thessalonica University, Greece, July 2005 (invited to lecture   and operate)
- Prishtina University, Kosovo, August 2005 (invited to lecture   and operate)
Guest Surgeon: - Heidelberg University, Germany (Demonstrated Trans-anal Endorectal pull-  through 2002, Recurrent hypospadias, 2003)
- Cologne University, Germany (Demonstrated Transanal Endorectal Pull-  through for Hirschsprung's disease) 2003
- Bern University, Switzerland (Demonstrated Transanal Endorectal Pull-  through for Hirschsprung's disease) 2004
- Münster University, Germany (Demonstrated Transanal Endorectal Pull-  through for Hirschsprung's disease) 2004
- Hannover University, Germany (Demonstrated Transanal Endorectal Pull-  through for Hirschsprung's disease) 2004
Invited Guest Lecturer: - International Congress in Obergurgl, Austria, March 2005
- Annual German Surgical Congress, Munich, Germany, April 2005
Invited Lecturer: - 13th International Hungerian Congress, Miskols, Hungary, August   2005 (Keynote lectures on Hirschsprung's & Hypospadias).
- Dubai International colorectal Surgery Congress, Dubai, September   2005 (Keynote lectures on Hirschsprung's & Anorectal anomalies).
- Foggia University, Italy, September 2005 (invited to lecture and   operate).
- 9th Danube Symposium of Ped. Surgery, Vienna, Austria, October   2005 (Keynote lectures on Hirschsprung's & Hypospadias).
Keynote Lecturer: Heidelberg International Pediatric Urology post-graduate workshop,
                                    Germany, September 2005 (Keynote lectures on Hirschsprung's ).

Invited Lecturer and Surgeon:   Gdansk University, Poland, October, 2005 (invited to lecture
                                                             and operate).

40th International Congress of the British Association of Paediatric Surgeon (BAPS), Manchester, UK, July 1993.

Congress of the World Federation of Paediatric Surgeons, Melbourne, Australia, 1994 (paper presentation).

International Congress of Paediatrics, Cairo, October 1995 (paper presentation).

43rd International Congress of the British Association of Paediatric Surgeon (BAPS), Jersey, UK, July 1996.(paper presentation).

2nd European Congress of Paediatric Surgeons, Madrid, Spain, 1997 (paper presentation).

International Congress of the American Paediatric Surgeon Association (APSA), San Diego, USA, May 1997.

44th International Congress of BAPS, Turkey, July 1997 (paper presentation).

1St International Congress of the Mediterranean Association of Paediatric Surgeons (MAPS), Cairo, October 1997 (paper presentation).

3rd Congress of the Pan African Paediatric Surgical Association (PAPSA) ,Cape Town, South Africa, February 1998 (paper presentation).

45th International Congress of BAPS, Bristol, UK, July 1998 (paper presentation).

3rd European Congress of Paediatric Surgeons, Brussels, Belgium, 1999.

46th International Congress of BAPS,Liverpool, UK, July 1999 (paper presentation).

47th International Congress of BAPS, Sorrento, Italy, July 2000 (paper presentation).

3rd International Congress Of Mediterranean Association of Pediatric Surgeons (MAPS), Corfu, Greece, October 2000 (paper presentation).

4th International congress of European Association of Pediatric Surgeons (EUPSA), Hungary, May 2001.
(paper presentation).

48th International Congress of BAPS, London, UK, July 2001 (paper presentation).

4th International Congress Of Mediterranean Association of Pediatric Surgeons (MAPS), Ezmir, Turkey, June 2002.
(paper presentation).

49th International Congress of BAPS, Cambridge, UK, July 2002 (paper presentation).

50th International Congress of BAPS, Estoril, Portugal, July 2003 (paper presentation).

21st International Congress of Turkish Association of pediatric surgeons, October 2003 (paper presentation).

21Congress of the World Federation of Paediatric Surgeons, Zagreb, Croatia 2004 (paper presentation).

5th International Congress Of Mediterranean Association of Pediatric Surgeons (MAPS), Marseilles, France, October 2004 (paper presentation).


Medical Student (Trainee):                            Queen Marry's Hospital (U.K)
                                                                            Pathology 1978 (Two Months),
                                                                            Casualty, Orthopaedics 1979 (2 Months)
                                                                            Innsbruck University (Austria)
                                                                            Obstetrics & Gynecology 1979 (1 Month)

House Officer:                                                  Cairo University Hospitals 1982-1983.

Gen. & Ped. Surg. Resident:                         Cairo Univ. Hospital 1983-86.

Assistant Lecturer:                                         Dept. of Surgery, Cairo University 1986 - 88.

Surgical Registrar:                                          Yorkhill Children Hospital, Glasgow 1988 - 89.
                                                                            Great Ormond St. Hospital, London 1989 - 91.
                                                                            Canniesburn Plastic Hosp., Glasgow 1990 - 91.

Lecturer in Dept. of Surgery:                        Cairo University 1993 - 94.

Acting Senior Registrar:                                Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne, Australia 1994-95.

Senior Lecturer of Surgery:                         Cairo University 1995 - 98.

Ass Professor of Surgery:                            Cairo University, 1998.

Professor of Pediatric & Plastic Surgery: Cairo University, 2003

General Hospital Director:                            Benha Children's Hospital, 1996-2004

Professor of Pediatric Surgery:                  Heidelberg University, Germany, May 2004 until now


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Trans-anal Endorectal Pull-through for Hirschsprung's Disease:
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- Hadidi AT:
An External Device for Fecal Incontinence.
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Hadidi AT: A Technique to improve Results in Colon Replacement of the Oesophagus.
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Long Esophageal Gaps: A New Surgical Technique
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Role of Trans-anal Pull-through in persistent aganglionosis
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   Journal of Pediatric Surg: (submitted for publication)

- 13 Chapters in
Hypospadias Surgery, An Illustrated guide.
   Hadidi AT, Azmy A(eds.) Heidelberg, Germany, Springer Verlag (2004).

   Chapter 2:   Men behind principles and principles behind techniques
                         Ahmed Hadidi

   Chapter 5:   Classification of hypospadias
                         Ahmed Hadidi, Seif Ashiery

   Chapter 7:   Principles of plastic surgery
                          Ahmed Hadidi

   Chapter 8:   Principles of hypospadias surgery
                          Suture materials, Suturing techniques, Hemostasis, instruments, magnification,
                          Urinary diversion, Dressings.
                          Ahmed Hadidi

   Chapter 14:   Y-V Glanuloplasty modified "Mathieu" technique
                           Ahmed Hadidi

   Chapter 16:   Tubularised preputial Island flap
                           Ahmed Hadidi & Amir Azmy

   Chapter 21:   Lateral Based flap for proximal hypospadias.
                           Ahmed Hadidi

   Chapter 22:   Grafts for one stage repair;
                           Skin graft, buccal mucosa and bladder mucosa
                           Ahmed Hadidi

   Chapter 25:   Protective intermediate layer
                           Ahmed Hadidi

   Chapter 26:   Procedures to improve the appearance of meatus and glans with various repairs.
                           Ahmed Hadidi & Mahmoud Zaher

   Chapter 28:   Controversies
                           Flaps versus grafts.
                           Single versus two stage repair.
                           Stenting versus no stenting
                           Dressing versus no dressing
                           Ahmed Hadidi

   Chapter 29:   Early complications
                           Ahmed Hadidi & Wael El-Saied
                           Hypospadias fistula
                           Ahmed Hadidi

   Chapter 36:   Editorial overview of the current management of hypospadias
                           Ahmed Hadidi & Amir Azmy

- 2 Chapters (Hypospadias & Hirschsprung's disease) in "Atlas of Children's Surgery"
   (Editors G. Willital, E. Kiely, R. R. Lehmann), Lengerich, Germany (2005, in press).