Hypospadias Surgery - Art and Science
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This is the first international book on hypospdias surgery. It highlights current philosophy and different principles of hypospadias repair. The aim of the book is to help interested surgeons to develop vision and talent rather than just enumerate techniques. It is well illustrated with over 465 coloured diagrams and photographs of various operations. In the book, a team of world class authors from 5 continents present an expert overview on the management of this common but troublesome disease.


Dear Colleagues,

Hypospadiology is developing into a real and reputable subspecialty. Pediatric urologists, pediatric surgeons, plastic surgeons, pediatricians and psychologists care for patients with hypospadias. For still unknown reasons the incidence of hypospadias is rising. Further improvement, technical advancement, standardization and research will be of need in the future to give the patients a maximum of functional and cosmetic results - to give them a normal penis to achieve a later prosperous and satisfactory life. Prof. Ahmed Hadidi, an international established hypospadiologist, from Cairo / Heidelberg will be guest surgeon for the workshop. A special interest of the workshop will be the management of early and late postoperative complications.

Vienna is a very enjoyable city in the time of spring.

Invited lecturer and surgeon:

Prof. Dr. Ahmed T. Hadidi

Prof. Dr. Ahmed T. Hadidi is an international accredited pediatric surgeon in the special field Hypospadiology. Trained in Cairo/Egypt, Europe and USA he has been director of Benha Children's Hospital north of Cairo with about 100 to 120 patients with hypospadias a year. He is also the editor in chief of Hypospadias Surgery, An illustrated guide" (Springer Verlag, 2004) which now is standard literature. He is Professor of Paediatric Surgery, Heidelberg/Mannheim University, Germany and Cairo University, Egypt. M.B., B. Ch., FRCS (Eng.), FRCS (Glasgow), M. Sc. (General Surgery), D.P.S (Pediatric Surgery), M.D. (Ph.D., Surgery). He has been guest lecturer, guest surgeon and visting professor at Michigan University Ann Arbor, U.S.A., Vanderbilt University, Kentucky, Greece, Istanbul/Turkey, Pecs/Hungary, Graz, Vienna, Linz/Austria, Cairo/Egypt, Foggia/Italy, Cape Town/South Africa, Aleppo/Syria, Niemegen/Netherlands, São Paulo/Brazil, Prishtina/Kosovo, Dubai, Gdansk/Poland.